Catalogue of errors leaves Devon man in pain for years following a total knee replacement.

After several years of pain and difficulties walking Mr G, from North Devon, underwent a left total knee replacement operation at North Devon District Hospital.  Unfortunately, during the operation, the surgeon did not position the prosthetic components correctly, leaving the knee joint unbalanced and the knee ligaments lax. An x-ray taken shortly after surgery showed […]

Private healthcare on the NHS: who to blame when it goes wrong

The Guardian newspaper reported last week on a worrying story coming out of Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton.  In recent years Musgrove Park, like most other hospitals across the UK, has been in an impossible battle to reduce waiting lists in the face of increased demand and falling budgets. One solution to this problem, and […]

Postpartum Haemorrhage (PPH) – the lawyer’s perspective

At Davies and Partners Solicitors we are regularly asked to investigate claims involving postpartum haemorrhage (PPH). These sometimes result in maternal death and are, on occasion, avoidable with the appropriate medical care. PPH is defined as bleeding from the vagina after the delivery of a child from a pregnancy. The bleeding usually occurs within 24 […]

Immunotherapy – a new hope?

Patients with aggressive head and neck cancers have today received welcome news of a breakthrough in the treatment of their condition.   Scientists in the US have been using immunotherapy drugs in an attempt to turn on the patient’s own immune system to fight these cancers. Trial results coming out of a US cancer conference suggest […]

Appendicitis in Children

The appendix is a mostly unnecessary part of the bowel. It serves no discernable purpose. It is, however, a major cause of illness, with over 35,000 patients being treated for appendicitis in the UK every year.  Appendicitis is an important problem with its own complications should delay, misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose it at all […]

Are private hospitals treating NHS patients properly equipped to deal with emergencies?

The BBC this week ran an investigation asking whether private hospitals treating NHS patients were properly equipped to deal with emergencies. It is an issue that has risen in importance as more and more private hospitals and clinics are sub-contracted into providing NHS care.  The BBC’s investigation focused on one patient, James Hartley, who died […]

THE HORSE’S TAIL – Clinical negligence specialist James Wickett sheds light on one area of his practice: Cauda Equina Syndrome

Cauda Equina Syndrome (‘CES’) is a thankfully rare condition but one with a disproportionately high medico-legal profile.  That high profile comes from the substantial levels of compensation that claims of this nature attract, compensation that reflects the damaging and distressing nature of this condition.   So what is CES? CES is the term used to describe […]

Basic mistakes are costing the NHS £2.5bn a year

BBC News reported today on a speech to be given by Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, informing doctors and nurses that their basic mistakes in hospitals cost the NHS up to £2.5bn a year. Mr Hunt’s speech will focus on costs incurred through problems like medication errors, avoidable infections after surgery and basic lapses in nursing […]

Global Pledge to Stamp Out Drug Resistant Infections

It has recently been reported that 193 countries of the United Nations are set to sign a landmark declaration to rid the world of drug resistant infections, commonly known as superbugs. It has been reported by numerous experts that treatment resistant infections pose one of the biggest known threats to humanity today. Scientists have warned […]