Catalogue of errors leaves Devon man in pain for years following a total knee replacement.

After several years of pain and difficulties walking Mr G, from North Devon, underwent a left total knee replacement operation at North Devon District Hospital.  Unfortunately, during the operation, the surgeon did not position the prosthetic components correctly, leaving the knee joint unbalanced and the knee ligaments lax. An x-ray taken shortly after surgery showed […]

Permanent injury to left wrist caused by Devon hospital’s negligent treatment

Mr D from North Devon suffered a fall and injured his wrist. He attended his local Accident and Emergency Department. Mr D was told he had fractured the scaphoid bone in his wrist. His wrist was immobilised using a temporary splint and he was told by a Consultant in the Orthopaedic Department that his injury […]

Septic arthritis in elbow joint due to GP’s negligence

Mr R from North Devon visited his GP Practice for treatment for tennis elbow. Having already received several cortisone injections in the elbow before, he expected this one to be no different. However, when administering the injection, the GP negligently placed the needle directly into the elbow joint rather than the soft tissue around the […]