Our specialist medical negligence team in North Devon has recently received an increase in enquiries from patients who are concerned about the delays they have received in diagnosis and treatment from their local GP and at North Devon District Hospital. 

We understand that delays created by the Covid-19 pandemic were unavoidable, but It is extremely concerning that so many people are now experiencing such long delays in their diagnosis and treatment. 

For patients who experience ongoing pain and restricted mobility, a delay of over a year is unacceptable. For several months, NHS Services have been able to resume, with protective Covid safety measures in place and it is critical that the backlog of patients waiting for an operation or outstanding treatment, is dealt with swiftly. 

New stories regarding our main local hospital, North Devon District Hospital and its historical provision of poor maternity care continue and although some improvements to care have been made, the recent CQC inspection noted there was much more work to be done. 

Similarly, Devon’s out-of-hours GP service has been in the news having been rated “inadequate” and resulting in the service being put into special measures by the health watchdog. 

Of course, we all value and appreciate our healthcare professionals, especially during the difficulties they have experienced during Covid-19.  However, this is a worrying time for North Devon residents who may have experienced a significant delay in their treatment, which could mean that they suffer a worsened long-term outcome or that they will experience additional problems, due to an avoidable delay.

Our specialist team are here to help and If you would like advice on whether you have a medical negligence claim or have experienced significant delay in treatment or diagnosis, please contact James or Kirrin on 01271 533747 or fill out our online enquiry form.