It has recently been reported that 193 countries of the United Nations are set to sign a landmark declaration to rid the world of drug resistant infections, commonly known as superbugs.

It has been reported by numerous experts that treatment resistant infections pose one of the biggest known threats to humanity today. Scientists have warned that without urgent action it is conceivable that simple infections could soon become entirely untreatable with existing drugs. Routine operations, such as hip replacements, could potentially become life threatening procedures because of the risk of untreatable infection.

Some parts of the media have suggested that pharmaceutical companies are reluctant to research and produce new drugs to treat infection because they are seen as commercially unattractive. Pharmaceutical companies apparently look to develop drugs with recurrent use, such as in the long-term treatment of high blood pressure, rather than a short two-week course of antibiotics.

James Wickett of Davies and Partners Solicitors commented,

 “We see numerous cases involving the negligent delay in diagnosis of, or negligent contraction of, infection. Often these infections have devastating consequences, sometimes fatal, for the patient. Anything that can be done to help in the battle against drug resistant infections is of course welcome”.