Maternal Mental Health Week (29 April – 5th May) is an initiative dedicated to raising awareness about the mental health challenges faced by mothers. It is a time to highlight the importance of support, resources and distigmatising conversations around maternal health.

Maternal Health is the health of women during pregnancy, childbirth and the post-partum (4th trimester).

This is week is a week that encourages all people to:

– Raise public and professional awareness of perinatal mental health problems
– Advocate for women and their families and the impact that pregnancy, childbirth and the 4th trimester have on them
– Change the attitudes of people around pregnancy, childbirth and 4th trimester
– Help to access information, care and support

Maternal Mental Health Awareness week is organised and led by Perinatal Mental Health Partnership UK (PMHP UK):  The next event will take place 29th April-5th May 2024. They set up the campaign in 2017.

Pregnancy, childbirth and raising a family, are societies everyday norms. Being a mom and all that comes with it is thought to come naturally to women and that they will feel this overwhelming adoration for their children, don’t get us wrong most will but it is not without its struggles and challenges. The RCOG reports that one in five women develop a mental illness during pregnancy or in the first year after giving birth. Suicide is a leading cause of maternal deaths in the UK within a year of childbirth.

To all those women who are struggling we see you. This year PPMHP’s 2024 theme “rediscovering You” lets help to raise awareness and get people talking, this week there will be daily themes as follows:

  • Monday 29 April 2024 Demystfying perinatal mental illness
  • Tuesday 30 April 2024 Moving together through your changing world
  • Wednesday 1 May 2024 Stronger together – World Maternal Mental Health Day
  • Thursday 2 May 2024 Finding you in this journey identify transformation in the perinatal period
  • Friday 3 May 2024 Perinatal positivity pot – Shining a light on parent voices and recovery stories
  • Saturday 5 May 2024 Reflections on rediscovery – looking back over the next week