Robotic assisted surgery welcomed at North Devon District Hospital

The arrival of a robotic arm for use in surgery will be the first of its kind for North Devon District Hospital and will assist surgeons performing surgery for hiatal hernias, inguinal hernias and gallbladder removal. This has been funded by NHS England and the Cancer Alliance.

Patients can expect quicker surgery and recovery time because the surgery can be performed as keyhole surgery rather than open surgery. The length of time a patient stays in hospital could be cut from four days to one.

The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, which has had the use of robots to assist in surgery for the past 10 years, will also receive a new robotic arm. This (third) robot arm will assist ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeons to remove tumours of the tonsils, tongue, voice box and swallowing passage.

It is good news that patients in North Devon will not have to travel so far for this kind of treatment.

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