Mr R from North Devon visited his GP Practice for treatment for tennis elbow. Having already received several cortisone injections in the elbow before, he expected this one to be no different. However, when administering the injection, the GP negligently placed the needle directly into the elbow joint rather than the soft tissue around the elbow. As a consequence Mr R developed an infection in the joint.

Mr R required two operations under general anaesthetic to wash out the elbow joint. He was told as a result of the infection he had developed septic arthritis in the elbow. This led to a long recovery period and significantly limited how much he could move his arm.

We successfully negotiated an early settlement of the case without the need for court proceedings. The Medical Defence Union acting on behalf of the Defendant agreed to compensate Mr R the sum of £30,000.00. The settlement took into account his pain, suffering and loss of amenity, lost earnings and the losses suffered whist retraining in a different area of work.