An alarming report from the BBC today has confirmed that just 58% of patients in England were seen in face-to-face appointments in August 2021, compared to 80% before the pandemic.

GP’s have said rising demand and shortages of staff meant they were struggling to see more people face-to-face. Data shows the number of full–time GP’s has fallen by 7% in the past five years, despite a government drive to increase the numbers.

The problems accessing GP’s also creates a knock-on effect for other services such as the Ambulance Service and Accident and Emergency Departments in local hospitals.

At Davies and Partners Solicitors, we are seeing a rise in cases where patients have suffered a delayed or missed diagnosis due to negligent treatment provided by GPs. Face-to-face appointments are an important diagnostic tool and without them, patients are at an increased risk of having a medical condition misdiagnosed or mistreated.

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